About ToonBoxStudio

ToonBoxStudio emerged from the creative journey of cartoonist Paris Christou, who sought to share the techniques and insights that propelled him from a novice to an advanced artist. Offering a rich reservoir of online drawing and digital painting instructional videos, ToonBoxStudio is committed to nurturing rapid growth and improvement among its users with online drawing and digital painting instructional video training with detailed demonstration and explanation.

You can also check out more of Paris Christou’s artwork: instagram.com/toonboxstudio

The genesis of this platform traces back to 2011, when Paris Christou initiated a YouTube channel to showcase his drawing endeavors to family and friends. Dubbed Toon-Box-Studio, a nod to his box-shaped room in an old studio apartment where cartoon characters sprang to life during his spare moments. Initially featuring whimsical speed videos starring his original character, Cherry, alongside a cast of adorable critters, the channel quickly garnered attention. Paris recounts, "The channel kept me engaged in practice and refinement; the more subscribers I gained, the greater my desire to learn".

As time unfolded, Cherry emerged as Paris's signature creation on YouTube, akin to Mickey Mouse in the realm of Walt Disney. Just as Cherry evolved, so did Paris's prowess in drawing and digital painting, capturing the hearts of a diverse audience. Many aspiring artists sought to emulate Paris's distinct style, often likened to the classic Disney aesthetic. People quoted "it resembled a Disney style" although Paris never agreed the style was purely Disney, he also mentions in many videos that he was very influenced by Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Hanna-Barbera, Don Bluth and Dean Yeagle.

Paris decided to create his first ever drawing course named "How to Draw Cherry" which covered how to draw the character from head to toe but at the same time... learning his techniques and style of drawing. A 10 hour training course was created which was golden to any artist who really seeked educational material. They would notice it was 100% practical, detailed demonstration and explanation, surpassing the scope of YouTube videos.

With over 5000 students benefiting from the course, it garnered widespread acclaim for its affordability and depth. As one satisfied student aptly noted, "the price was so cheap, it was like taking Paris out for a meal in exchange for 10 hours of content". Since then, continuously honing his skills, Paris has diligently updated the course thrice, ensuring that his students receive the latest advancements in his craft. While some courses have undergone temporary removal for refurbishment, offerings ranging from animal character design to male character design and digital painting remain perennial favorites.

New courses are being designed, updated and launched to this site for you to learn on any device from the comfort of your own home. Below are samples of Paris Christou's creation "Cherry" his trademark character that he designed and developed on his YouTube channel since 2011.

In 2017, Paris made the decision to shift his focus away from YouTube, citing the platform's constraints on his creative growth. Instead, he redirected his energies to Instagram, where he shares weekly sketches and polished artworks. "Not having to spend time recording and editing allowed me to focus on my weaknesses and create more art".

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He now occasionally uploads a video on YouTube but prefers to create on Instagram as he enjoys the creative versatility and connecting with other fellow artists who love the craft.

"You were Created to Create" - Paris Christou