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The Cherry 80 Poses Collection E-Book

All the Cherry Pose Packs combined into one Awesome E-Book!

Enjoy the complete collection from the Cherry Poses Packs together in this awesome E-book.

Are you ever stuck on a pose or maybe struggled to even come up with a pose?

Paris Christou's Digital sketchbook offers 16 Subtle Action Poses, 16 Standing Poses, 16 Sitting Poses, 16 Kneeling Poses and 16 Reclining Poses for you to implement into your character.

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Paris Christou
Paris Christou

Animator, Cartoon illustrator and Teacher best known as the creator of the Cartoon Pinup Character "Cherry".

Paris founded ToonBoxStudio.com in 2011 to help share his knowledge with anyone who wants to learn and build their skills.

Check out his work below.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/toonboxstudio/

YouTube: https://youtube.com/toonboxstudio

Facebook: https://facebook.com/toonboxstudio

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  The Cherry 80 Poses Collection E-Book
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